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Shoulder Treatment


Chiropody is a detail assessment of foot and lower limbs . Chiropody helps manage a wide range of diseases, disorders and injuries in the client foot and lower limbs.

At Enstone House Care we understand that painful feet not only limit your mobility but can detrimentally affect your health and quality of life. Our Chiropodist visits the home on a monthly basis

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Our manicurist visits the home every month and is available for hand massage, cutting and shaping of fingernails and applying nail polish if that is what you would like.

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Folding Ironed Clothes


At Enstone House Care we provide laundry services to our clients. Laundry is a 24/7 operation and we make sure we do it with utmost care.

Laundry is one of the important facilities we provide as correct handling of linen to prevent the spread of infection and the appropriate decontamination of linen is a key requirement from the department of Health.

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At Enstone House Care we provide a call system in each room which makes communication a lot easier. This facilitates the comfort of pressing a buzzer without having to shout out or come in physically. Within minutes of pressing the buzzer our staff will attend to serve the residents needs with utmost love and care.



Our trained and experienced staff prepare nutritionally balanced classic and contemporary meals, cooked fresh on site daily for  our patience.

Barber Shop


We have qualified hairdressers visit the home every week for those residents wishing to have their hair done. Whether it’s a trim, a shampoo and set or a perm there’s something for everyone